How Falcons Fans Express Disappointment

Corey Peters doesn't like eating it in the playoffs either.

One of the primary reasons that I remain a strong supporter of the Falcons is because they unite a community of family and friends behind a common cause. All of us are cautiously optimistic at the beginning of the season or a game and then we swoon or sigh as a unit.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep focused on a game due to the volume of texts I receive and attempt to respond to during the action. But, it’s also one of my favorite parts of the fan experience.

Here are some of the noteworthy texts (as well as a couple Facebook posts) that I received toward the end of this weekend’s disastrous showing against the New York Football Giants. (Technology-enabled group therapy for birds of a particularly disappointing feather.)

“Equal blame to everyone. Including myself, thinking the falcons could win”

“Props to mocking the dirty birds dance.”

“Offense blew this game. Smitty is an amateur.”

“Why did I let you talk me into watching?”

“At least this will probably seal the fate of mularky.” [Editor’s note: Mularkey wasn’t fired, but rather hired by Jacksonville. Enjoy him, neighbors to the south!”]

“Hold a team to 17 points and we still get embarrassed.” [Ed. note: The Falcons would end up giving up another seven points.]

“We haven’t scored on offense. This is unreal”

via Facebook: “Being a Falcons fan is sorta like waiting for R.E.M. to write another good album.” [Ed. Note: This was by far my favorite comment.]

“I know that there is still time, but Baker hasn’t given up a sack! This is not worse than last year yet only because it is a road game, but its close to surpassing it”

“We’ve quit guys. It’s very embarrassing for our offense. Oh how cute. A reverse on kickoff return”

“At least I don’t have to set aside time next Sunday. Poor tony Gonzalez”

“Tebow is the only football thing I have left to root for now”

“If tebow has a playoff win before Ryan I may have to de-commit from the falcons.” [Ed. note: Tebow would, in fact, notch a playoff victory before Ryan, and in his first try to boot.]

“Heads better roll after this game”

“this is atrocious. I hope Arthur doesn’t stand for this. Smitty looked like he was holding back tears once he realized game was over. str8 embrrassing” [Ed. note: Falcons owner Arthur Blank said he was “angry” with the way his team played.]

“…and for the 153rd time in 154 tries, Atlanta’s franchise in one of the four major sports has to turn its hopes to next season. (must be the fans’ fault.) definitely feeling like a potential falcons’s window for a super bowl closed when matt ryan threw the pick six at the end of the first half of the packer game last january. today was just pathetic.”

“Fans come when you have winning seasons and then they instill this fierce loyalty in their children that carries over generations. Atlanta has a century to go for that process to complete. It’s a good time to start that process.” [Ed. note: This sagacious comment was courtesy of my mom.]


2 responses to “How Falcons Fans Express Disappointment

  • Alok Deshpande

    It’s worth watching the end of year Falcons press conference. Blanks is visibly upset (a good thing) but not sure Smitty fully gets it. As a diehard Atlanta fan, I sometimes worry that the lack of a winning tradition in this city will haunt any team with any level of talent. Let’s face it, the same player will play better in Dallas (Robinson) or NY (Boley) then when they are with the Falcons and the same holds true visa versa (Dunta, Edwards). It’s not scheme or coaching…it’s simply lower expectations. Imagine working for a company where success was defined by simply making a profit (e.g., most organizations) vs. truly becoming great (apple). My guess is the same employee would achieve more at a company that asks for more…it’s human nature.

    But, with all that said, I predict the Falcons will win the Bowl next year… heard it hear first.

  • atlswami

    You’re our first commenter, Alok. Thanks!

    I like the analogy to business, though I suspect I shouldn’t expect anything different from you.

    Here’s what I’m wondering: After the Colts went 2-14, Jim Irsay essentially blew up the franchise, firing the Polians and Jim Caldwell. My feeling is that he needed the decision about whether or not to draft Andrew Luck/keep Peyton Manning to be made by someone with new eyes on the problem. Those who were pink-slipped are probably all Manning loyalists to some extent, and, at this point, keeping him might be the worst decision.

    I don’t think the Falcons are in need of a full detonation, but I wonder if just replacing the coordinators is going to get us to the Bowl. At the beginning of last year, I would have said the holes on the team were mostly in the defensive secondary. Now, I’d say O-line, D-line, secondary, and special teams (if I’m being totally conservative). I don’t know if I trust a thoroughly objective analysis from anyone within the organization.

    I also think it’s attitude though, which goes to your business point more directly. The Falcons feel like an extension of Home Depot, as opposed to an Apple or Google or an entity that’s always watching all the angles and trying to stay ahead. I have trouble getting over the feeling that the Dimitroff/Smith axis is more of a Mitt Romney at Bain kind of proposition, as opposed to a Jobs or Sergey/Larry-type partnership. They built the team from nothing into a contender, but it’s going to take someone else to make the Falcons really fly.

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