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Mariners Descend to AL Depths

All season I’ve been singing the praises of the Twins whose futility has kept the Mariners out of the American League cellar. No more.

With a loss yesterday to the A’s, the Mariners (.413) are officially the worst team in the AL. They couldn’t muster a single run behind a stellar performance from Erasmo Ramirez who fanned 10 and allowed just three hits over eight innings.

“We’ve just got to get to the point where every area of our club is clicking at the same time,” Manager Eric Wedge said. “We couldn’t put an inning together. We had some good swings on the ball tonight, but we didn’t put an inning together.”

Make that 23, Eric. That’s how many innings it’s been since the Mariners scored their last run. Let me repeat that, not one run in 23 innings. They’ve also lost 5 of 6 to the Padres (.365), the second worst team in all of baseball.

Well, at least the Astros are worse (.411) and they’ll be joining the AL West next year.

Hooray Astros!


Seahawks “Trying Too Hard”

The Seattle Seahawks were dinged by the NFL yesterday after overpracticing.  Yeah, overpracticing.  Only the Seahawks could excessively practice and still inspire so little fear in their foes.  The NFL said Coach Pete Carroll allowed too much contact in recent practices, a violation of collective bargaining rules.  

But Carroll had a reasonable explanation: “It wasn’t, you know, play after play after play. It was a few plays that stood out where guys made mistakes trying too hard and competing too much.”  That’s the first time I’ve heard the boys in blue and neon green accused of overcompeting. 

The Hawks will pay the price, with the league yanking two practices from them this week as punishment. Will the players rest too hard too?

Now that’s how you come up small.