2013 Season Is A Lock: Mike Morse Edition

The Mariners have already secured a softer landing in the AL West for 2013, though it’s not thanks to new players Jason Bay, Kendrys Morales or Raul Ibanez. And now it won’t be thanks to sloppy seconds with outfielder Mike Morse, lately of the Washington Nationals, and as of a trade today a Mariner anew.  The thanks lie, of course, with Houston and the hapless Astros, whom Seattle fans are relying on to bring up the AL West rear.

Nonetheless, Morse is a potentially interesting acquisition.  He managed a .291 average last year, with 18 HRs sprinkled in. That average is better than anyone on the Mariners for 2012.

And, like Ibanez, Morse knows what it is to wear teal on your hat and seems to be a fan of Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch.



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