Seahawks’ Unis Unwelcome, Unnecessary

The Seattle Seahawks unveiled new uniforms today and whoo boy are they ugly.  Fans can at least take heart that a national audience won’t see these stinkers in this season’s playoffs, Matt Flynn notwithstanding.

This latest iteration gets the Hawks even further away from their fine-looking royal blue and kelly green uniforms of the ’70s and ’80s.  There was nothing broken about those jerseys and they didn’t need any fixing, particularly the silver helmets with the stately seahawk.  Pacific Northwesterners can thank Nike for today’s “gift” after the athletic shoe giant oversaw their redesign as part of taking on the NFL apparel contract. Cue the fretting that the Seahawks are Nike’s NFL version of the Oregon Ducks.

Particularly disappointing is the fascination with neon green, which now is splashed over the shoulders, gloves, pant legs and around the numbers. No one asked for more neon green and no one wants it. Is there no institutional memory of the Squawks’ ill-fated green jerseys of a couple seasons ago?

The Seahawks already inspire little fear in opponents, but now they just look silly doing it. Thank you, Phil Knight. Thank you, Seahawks, you really are coming up small.


One response to “Seahawks’ Unis Unwelcome, Unnecessary

  • valmicle

    I think they look nike-er-iffic. Free agents gonna wanna go there so they can look like off-brand superheroes–just like how kids keep going to Oregon and love the Maryland two-face. It’s gonna be the decade of the squawks. You watch.

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